User today expects professional and high performing Apps and solution. IT organisations are expected to deliver rapidly and at a very different cost level that previously.

Superior user experiences, rapid delivery and lowered TCO are fundamental values for us and are evident in both our product and services.

Whether you are looking for assistance with a unique visualisation, delivery services or help with a new lean architecture

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About us

Dolphin Dynamics is a boutique software development and consulting house specialised in business intelligence, cross-platform Apps, solution architecture and lean delivery.

Its unique visualisation, modelling and simulation add-ons empowers customers and partners alike to rapidly and cost effectively deliver analytical and mobile Apps users love.

Dolphin Dynamics believe rapid prototyping and lean delivery is critical for successful BI, Mobile and ERP strategies. This is evident both in the preferred customer focussed lean software development approach as well as rapid prototyping features built in to all their products.

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